Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Three years on .....

Happy New Year 2018!

So much has happened since my last blog, not least losing the lovely Maurice to a heart tumor in 2016.  He's been greatly missed at workshops and gigs and, of course, at home, but is no doubt enjoying our drumming from afar ...

These days my work tends to be more locally based and regular, slotting in workshops and shorter projects when they arise.  This includes:

Peripatetic Schools
Children at Highcliffe and Glenfield primary schools have regular weekly lessons, some continuing when they move up to Brook Vale, Cedars and Humphrey Perkins academies.  All children have the opportunity to take part in school concerts and other community events.

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET)
I travel cross country to Kibworth Primary once a week to work with three Year 5 classes. 

Last term I had an exciting project at Rolleston Primary, Leicester, training the Music Coordinator to work with all children across the school, using their enviable stash of 32 djembes!  Dan James shadowed me working with Year 3 children, and we had a fantastic performance at the end of the project, when teachers and parents and children all played and sang together.

This term's additional project is at Sherard Primary in Melton, working with a KS2 class during PPA time, and I'm looking at the possiblity of starting peripatetic lessons at Riverside Primary.

Community Projects

Woodgate Centre Leicester
Wednesdays 19.30-20.30
£5 per session
An open workshop for adult beginners/improvers.  Everyone welcome, drums provided but please let me know if you need one: 07904 541520

WEA - Evington
As part of the Leicester Ageing Together Project I was invited to work as Consultant with a group whose tutor had moved away from the area.  The group ended with a performance at the Friends of Evington House Christmas Party in December, and some members may join the Woodgate group to continue drumming.  There were 18 performers, including some drummers from Woodgate and a few Sileby Slappers.

We continue to enjoy performing at a range of diverse events - in 2017 we played at a traditional Bosnian celebration in Birstall, and our drumming drew comments on facebook from people wanting to know where the party was and could they come along!  It was a beautiful summer day with an inspirational family making us very welcome.

The Slappers can often be found at school fetes and fundraising events, sessions with Rainbows and Brownies and other children's activities, we always have lots of fun and laughter together.  It's also great for me to have extra roadies on board :)

 Typical set-up for a school concert - this one was Alderman Richard Hallam
Primary School in 2016


East of Reason
When Phil Riley retired from his regular band commitments in 2016 it was, of course, the end of East of Reason.  I was tempted by a couple of other bands, but was struggling to burn the candle both ends, and not enjoying loud, busy gigging environments, so decided to have a little freedom to travel while I was without the ties of a dog.   

I took the sunset photo in August 2017 in Herne Bay, where I grew up.  My passport has taken me to Belfast, Dublin, Sweden and South Africa, and I'm still waiting for a new furry friend to find me ... who knows where I'm headed next ... 

I stayed in Sweden with an old friend and colleague from Middlesex, Anya Ison-Wallace.  The countryside was awash with cornflowers and daisies, and we had a peaceful week relaxing and discussing possible future projects together.

Cape Town
I had the opportunity to travel with a friend to Cape Town and spend ten days with her family, who were amazing hosts and took us to many beautiful places during our stay.  What a fantastic place, I'd recommend to everyone! 

 Slappers raising money for African children ...

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a project or gig with your school or group, please get in touch!

Julie Wright
01509 814569
07904 541520