Monday, 30 January 2012

What's Coming Up?

Well, last week's gigs were worth all the rehearsals GRIN ... Dream headlined at The Priory - I'm hoping the recording Howard made on the night might be uploadable to our YouTube channels, watch this space ... and Saturday afternoon at The Criterion was a very mellow affair with Phil Riley and piano ... thanks to audiences at both venues, who were very appreciative.

Thanks also to Philip Herbert and The Tiffin in Leicester, for a most fun and informative meeting on Wednesday, and most delicious curry! 

Apart from the usual rehearsals with Phil, Dream and the Slappers, and regular school djembe pupils, I have workshop days coming up at Grantham National and Highcliffe Primary, as well as the start of a new project at Abington High.

During half term I'll be returning to work with The London School of Puppetry on a performance project with marionettes and a percussion orchestra (that's me!)  The piece is a Merce Cunningham style improvised performance, relying on the music score to lead the action ... never a dull moment working with Caroline Astell-Burt and her immensely diverse and creative students!

Meanwhile, a very new and very exciting music project has begun this evening with my dear friend and colleague, Jude Winwood ... kora and piano ... another space to watch ...

Have fun!

Jools x

Monday, 23 January 2012

This Week's News ...

Upcoming Gigs

Dream will be playing at The Priory, Loughborough tomorrow night Tuesday 24 January 2012 around 9pm

Phil Riley will be playing at The Criterion, Leicester on Saturday 28 January 2012 at about 3.00pm, if you're thinking of coming, i think my part of the set will be about 4.00pm ...

... and obviously, I'll be playing too!  Lots of percussion, and 5 songs with piano and Phil ... hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, the website has been officially launched, and I'm enjoying joining you in the second decade of technology in the 21st century ... I think ...

Jools x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Latest News

Here I am in the 21st Century! 
Watch this space for some real news soon ...